iFog Vortex Vape Pen – Portable Vaporizer



Elevate your vaping journey with the iFog Vortex Vape Pen – where innovation and performance converge for a truly exceptional experience.

  • Triple Quartz coil in ceramic-lined bowl
  • Magnetic connection between mouthpiece and atomizer base
  • Atomizer base with adjustable airflow
  • Air cooling heat-sink fins help disperse heat to keep battery and battery button cooler
  • Food grade removeable mouthpiece tip
  • One-turn coil cap with knurled grip for easy removal
  • 3-heat setting battery with magnetic base
  • Long-lasting, 1400mAh “A” grade 3-heat setting battery
  • 3 easy-to-see heat setting lights
  • Removeable silicone-lined wax storage container
  • Overcharge protection

Introducing the iFog Vortex Vape Pen: Revolutionize Your Vaping Experience

Step into the future of vaping with the iFog Vortex Vape Pen, a masterpiece of design and functionality. Engineered for enthusiasts who demand precision and performance, this vape pen promises an unrivaled experience with every draw.

Key Features:

Triple Quartz Coil Technology:

Unlock the true potential of your concentrates with the iFog Vortex’s side-by-side Triple Quartz coil in a ceramic-lined bowl. Experience even heating that elevates the flavor profile of your favorite extracts.

Magnetic Connection:

Enjoy hassle-free assembly and disassembly with the magnetic connection between the mouthpiece and atomizer base. Swift and secure, it ensures a seamless experience every time.

Adjustable Airflow:

Take control of your vaping experience with the atomizer base’s adjustable airflow. Customize your draw to suit your preferences, from light and airy to thick and robust clouds.

Heat Management:

The iFog Vortex goes the extra mile with air cooling heat-sink fins that disperse heat effectively, keeping the battery and button cooler for extended use.

Food-Grade Mouthpiece:

Indulge in clean, pure draws with the removable food-grade mouthpiece tip. Prioritizing your health and satisfaction, iFog ensures the highest quality materials for an exceptional vaping experience.

Coil Cap Convenience:

The one-turn coil cap with a knurled grip makes coil removal a breeze. Experience the ease of maintenance without sacrificing the precision of your vape pen.

3-Heat Setting Battery:

Tailor your experience with the 1400mAh “A” grade battery featuring three heat settings. The magnetic base ensures a secure connection, and the three easy-to-see heat setting lights provide clarity at a glance.

Wax Storage Convenience:

Enjoy the convenience of a removable silicone-lined wax storage container, allowing you to carry your concentrates with ease.

Overcharge Protection:

Vape with confidence knowing that the iFog Vortex Vape Pen comes equipped with overcharge protection, safeguarding your battery and prolonging its lifespan.

How to Use iFog Vortex Vape Pen:

  • Connect the magnetic base to the battery.
  • Load your preferred concentrate onto the Triple Quartz coil.
  • Adjust the airflow to your liking using the atomizer base.
  • Secure the mouthpiece onto the magnetic connection.
  • Power on the device and select your desired heat setting.
  • Inhale and savor the smooth, flavorful vapor.

What is Price of iFog Vortex Vape Pen:

Estimated price is around $60-$80. Experience the iFog Vortex Vape Pen at a competitive price, offering unbeatable value for its advanced features.

Additional information

Weight 0.231 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 16 cm

Silver, Green, Red, Blue


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