About us

Our aim is to provide the best service and the most comprehensive selection of smoking accessories at the most competitive prices.

Vapester Vape Store is an online convenience store that retails as well as a smoke shop situated in the center of Commercial Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia. The physical store is an all-in-one shop for essentials for daily life and smoking shop-related products.

Vapester Smoke Shop takes great satisfaction in being one of the top and most affordable online Vape and headshops. It was established in the year 2018.

At Vapester Smoke Shop We are passionate about our industry and are working hard in order to provide you with the most products, including disposable and non-disposable Vapes E-Juices bongs, bubblers, smoke pipes, and glass pipes herb grinders Vaporizers pipes, bongs, and various other premium smoking accessories, such as Hookahs, Shisha, Rolling Papers and more.

We are the most affordable and most popular Vape and head shop for many reasons. We offer thousands of items every year through our online vape and head store, which includes the top vapes, bongs, dab rigs bubblers, smoking pipes.

Additionally, we also offer in-store services like Passport Pictures, Internet, Photocopy, Scanning, Fax, ATM, and Ria Money Transfer and many more.

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