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How to Open/refill Flavour Beast Pods, Can you really refill it?


Refilling Flavour Beast Pods can be an eco-friendly and cost-effective option as it reduces the need for frequently buying new pods. However, there are some requirements and steps you need to follow to ensure the proper refilling process. In this article, we will discuss the requirements, step-by-step process, and FAQs related to refilling Flavour Beast Pods. Note: Do all this process at your own risk. We are providing this guide just for educational purposes.


1. Flavour Beast Pod:

To refill the pod, you will need a Flavour Beast Pod that is compatible with your device.

2. E-liquid:

You will need e-liquid of your choice to refill the pod. Make sure that the e-liquid is of high quality and compatible with your device.

3. Syringe:

You will need a syringe to inject e-liquid into the pod. A 10 ml syringe is a suitable size for refilling the pods.

4. Paper towel:

You will need a paper towel to clean any spills or leaks that may occur during the refilling process.

How to Open Flavour Beast Pods step by step Process:

To open Flavour Beast Pods, follow these steps:

1. Locate the pod:

The pod is the small plastic container that holds the e-liquid.

2. Grip the pod:

Hold the pod firmly between your thumb and forefinger.

3. Pull off the cap:

The cap is the small, plastic cover on the top of the pod. It should come off easily with a gentle tug.

4. Fill the pod:

Once the cap is removed, use a dropper or syringe to fill the pod with your desired e-liquid.

5. Replace the cap:

Make sure the cap is securely in place before inserting the pod into your device. It’s important to note that not all pods can be refilled. Some manufacturers design their pods to be disposable and only intended for single use. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to refill your pods.

How to Refill Flavour Beast Pods  Step by Step Process:

Step 1:

Remove the Flavour Beast Pod from the device: To refill the pod, first, remove it from your device.

Step 2:

Remove the mouthpiece: Remove the mouthpiece from the pod by gently pulling it out.

Step 3:

Fill the syringe with e-liquid: Using the syringe, fill it with the desired amount of e-liquid.

Step 4:

Inject the e-liquid: Insert the syringe tip into the small hole located at the bottom of the pod. Slowly inject the e-liquid into the pod, taking care not to overfill it.

Step 5:

Clean any spills or leaks: After filling the pod with e-liquid, clean any spills or leaks with a paper towel.

Step 6:

Reattach the mouthpiece: Once you have cleaned any spills or leaks, reattach the mouthpiece to the pod.

Step 7:

Wait for a few minutes: Allow the pod to sit for a few minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak into the wick.

Step 8:

Insert the pod back into the device: After waiting for a few minutes, insert the pod back into your device.


Q: How many times can Flavour Beast Pods be refilled? A: The number of times Flavour Beast Pods can be refilled varies depending on the quality of the pod and the care taken during the refilling process. However, it is recommended to refill the pod only a few times to maintain the quality of the device. Q: What happens if I overfill the pod? A: Overfilling the pod can cause leaks and may result in e-liquid entering the device, causing damage. It is important to ensure that the pod is not overfilled during the refilling process. Q: Can I use any e-liquid to refill the pod? A: It is important to use high-quality e-liquid that is compatible with your device. Using low-quality or incompatible e-liquid may cause damage to the device. Q: Can I refill the pod while it is still attached to the device? A: No, it is recommended to remove the pod from the device before refilling it. Refilling the pod while it is still attached to the device may cause leaks or damage to the device.

Can you refill Flavour Beast Pods?

Yes, you can refill bit. Refilling Flavour Beast Pods can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option, but it is important to follow the proper requirements and steps to ensure the proper refilling process. By following the steps outlined above and being mindful of the FAQs, you can successfully refill your Flavour Beast Pods and enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.

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