The Yocan X is a small concentration vaporizer with a leak-proof magnetic pod, two quartz coils, and variable voltage and preheats mode. The Yocan X is a small and efficient device for vaporizing waxy cannabis concentrates while on the go.
The Yocan X is a small concentration vaporizer that improves on the trendy line of wax pens, with a flat, pocket-friendly design, a leak-proof magnetic cartridge, and variable voltage. The Yocan X is the perfect gadget for quickly and discreetly enjoying zero residue cannabis concentrates * while travelling. * It’s a tiny but powerful device that’s simple to use and creates flavours that connoisseurs will love.
The Yocan X has a 500mAh battery that can ultimately be charged in 40 minutes using the USB C connection, and a multicolour LED indication light surrounds the single control button. Changing the voltage between 3.4, 3.8, and 4.2V, you can tailor the vapour production and taste, and a 10-second warmup mode dissolves solid extracts, allowing them to evaporate more efficiently *.
The Yocan X pod has a solid base that keeps it from leaking through the coil and into the housing, as well as a secure magnetic power connection. For optimum efficiency, dual quartz coils are placed across the bottom of the ceramic-lined capsule, and the side airflow channels are elevated to catch the freshest flavours without producing spit back. To save money on downtime, remove the press-fit mouthpiece and fill the pod by dropping extract * directly on the coils, or pre-load the spare pod with the mouthpiece included and change cartridges on the fly.
*Note: The Yocan X is just for cannabis concentrates with no residue, such as wax, shatter, non-diluted oil, distillate, and so on.
Dry herbs and extracts containing plant residue, such as traditional hashish, are incompatible with the Yocan X.
A maximum of 0.1g of concentration in each session is recommended.
Overloading the coil reduces efficiency and increases the likelihood of airflow and spit back leaks.
Concentrates with low viscosity may be utilized, although they risk seeping through the airflow channels is permitted.
Operating Instructions for Yocan X:
Yocan X is turned on/off with five quick clicks.
Adjust the voltage with three quick clicks: 3.4V (white), 3.8V (blue), and 4.2V (green).
Two quick clicks: start/stop preheat mode for 10 seconds
Deliver power to the coil by pressing the button.
Battery Capacity: 500mAh Dimensions: 96.3 * 20.2 * 15mm
3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V Variable Voltage
Mode of Preheating
Pod with Magnets
Quartz coil with two coils
The bottom is leak-proof and sealed.
Airflow from the side
Mouthpiece with a press-fit
Button with a Single Function
LED Indicator with Multiple Colors
Rapid Charging using USB C Port
The Yocan X Pen Replacement Extract Pod & Mouthpiece Dab Tool are included.
Charging Cable for USB Type C
Manual of Instructions

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