Vuse Cucumber 1.6%(18MG)



Cucumber/Concombre VUSE ePod

  • VUSE’s refreshing Cucumber flavour is now available in brand new packaging.
  • Each ePod in this 2-PACK of VUSE Cucumber (Concombre) contains 1.9ml of salt nic juice.
  • Cucumber flavour profile: bright, airy, and refreshing, with a tangy finish.
  • The ratio of VG to PG: 50%: 50%
  • Pods are a type of container.
  • Each pod holds 1.9ml of juice (275 puffs)

Nicotine strengths: VUSE ePod pods are available in nicotine strengths of 0% (0mg), 1.60% (18mg), 3% (34mg), and 5% (57mg) by weight.


VUSE description:

VUSE is a electronic device with a closed pod system


according to the rules of British Columbia the nicotine percent should be less than 2%. VUSE pods contain 1.6% nicotine

VUSE pricing:

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