Product introduction and specifications: Vaporesso has released two new pod vapes, the Xtra and the Small. What exactly is “Xtra”? Despite being shorter than the Small, the Xtra offers a longer battery life, a more robust body construction, and more power driving lower resistance coils. You may get a loose MTL up to a limited lung hit. Because the wattage is automatically chosen depending on the coil used, switching between the two draws is simple. The MTL coil operates at 11 watts, whereas the DL coil operates at 16 watts.

The Xtra package includes two pods and an automated pull. Unipods are two coils from Vaporesso: a mesh 0.8-ohm coil and a single-strand 1.2-ohm coil. Instead of CCELL, the 2 mL pods are made using a newly created flax cotton technology. I was pleased with the O, so I had high expectations for the Xtra. They seem to be compatible, at least the pods do, but they are not.

Specifications: Unlike the Small, which is composed of plastic, the Xtra is constructed of metal. The thick rubberized resin decal on the C-frame chrome body enhances the appearance and boosts the security of your grasp. The decal, on the other hand, is a bit cheap. So if you’re a picker like me, you may want to avoid the sticker’s edges. Fortunately, it fits nicely in hand and is well-positioned. Overall, the Xtra is a nice-looking tiny pod mod. Some of the colours may attract fingerprints, but the artistry is elegant.

Despite its name, the Xtra is shorter than the Small but considerably heavier. The Small weighs less than 25 g, whereas the Xtra weighs 60 g. It is just 14 mm x 37 mm x 64 mm in size. I should mention that the gadget has a power button on the bottom. It’s not for shooting; it’s simply an on/off switch activated with a fast 5-click.

Pods for Vaporesso Xtra: The package includes both Unipods, a Meshed 0.8-ohm loose MTL, and a 1.2-ohm MTL (at least that’s what it says). The mouthpiece is comparable to but considerably smaller than the Small and derivatives of the Renova Zero and SMPO. In addition, unlike the Small, the pods feature a beautiful refill plug that can not be removed entirely. The low resistance coil is plugged in with a red plug, whereas the MTL coil is plugged in with a grey connector. I appreciate how the two pods are separated. The resistance is also printed on the other side of the pod from the socket.

A refill hole of about 3.5 mm by 5 mm is located underneath the plug. I’ve been using pipette droppers to fill it and haven’t had any problems, but using high VG requires you to slither the liquid in at an angle. However, all new droppers, such as unicorns, function flawlessly regardless of the viscosity of the juice used.

Unipods are drop-in pods that are magnetic. Because of the deeper seating and giant diameter, magnets are simple to remove while remaining securely in place. This is an area where I’m glad to see Vaporesso improve. Previous gadgets like these had magnets that were so weak that they would fall out if you yelled “boo.” Without the magnets failing, I could pick up the whole Xtra—all 60 grammes of it—in the pod. It remains attached even when shaken vigorously. Of course, there are limitations, and it is not intended to be held in this manner. There’s also some wiggle room in the pod housing for the pod. It’s not enough for me to consider it a negative since it just wiggles when you attempt to do it. It doesn’t stay steady, whether you’re simply taking a hit or holding it between your lips.


Performance: The Xtra has been working well, but I had hoped for similar results with the 1.2-ohm coil that I had with the Small. I wasn’t sure how the Meshed 0.8-ohm coil would perform, but I knew the MTL would be my favourite. So, I was mistaken.

Meshed 0.8-ohm coil: For such a tiny device, the taste is warm, clean, and quite saturated. Even with long drags, the taste remains consistent. It wicks nicely, as do most mesh coils, but I’d maintain a VG/PG ratio of between 50 and 70 percent. The airflow is another element that works nicely with this coil. It’s a free-flowing MTL that remains in its lane! It’s not like the Mi-Pod, which struggles to find that sweet spot between a tight MTL and a loose MTL. I believe Vaporesso has nailed this sketch! I suggest that you limit your nicotine intake to no more than 12 mg per day. Even at 6 mg, it may provide a strong throat hit which is a good thing!

MTL 1.2-ohm coil: While the specifications are the same and the coils within the pod seem to be the same as the O, the performance is not. And, to be honest, I can’t tell the difference in a draw between this and the Meshed 0.8-ohm coil. Based on the few pods I’ve tried, I’d even say the 1.2-ohm pod seems looser than the Meshed version. In any case, I believe this MTL is too loose, particularly for a single-strand coil. It wicks best with a 50/50 mix, and I’d use it with solid nicotine up to 24 mg/mL or salt up to 36 mg/mL. The taste is pleasant yet unremarkable.

There have been no problems with the Xtra pods. There has been no leakage, spitting, or flooding; even though I have not tested every viscosity on these coils as I did with the O., I’d expect to flood or bubbling with thin juice in the meshed pods. The light liquid is relatively uncommon these days, so this isn’t a big deal. My main gripe is that the 1.2-ohm coils don’t produce a discernible taste compared to Osmall’s counterpart. What the Xtra lacks in precise MTL vaping, it more than makes up for delicious, relaxed MTL vaping with the 0.8-ohm coils.

Charging and battery life

The Xtra is charged through a micro USB connection. I would have liked a USB-C connector. It does, however, support pass-through charging and includes an LED indicator to keep you informed of the condition of your battery. Green is completely depleted, blue is halfway, and red is nearly depleted.

With 900 mAh, you should be able to vape for at least a day. Of course, it’s a big battery, only pushing 16 watts max, but the device’s size belies the battery capacity. For instance, the Voopoo Vinci Air has 900 mAh and is 100 mm tall, while the Xtra is just 64 mm tall.

Advantages and disadvantages

Appealing on the outside

Excellent construction quality.

It’s a pleasant sensation in the summer.

Strong magnets are a step forward for Vaporesso.

Mouthpiece with an ergonomic design

The on/off button may prevent auto firing.

The juice window works great, but you must tip after a certain point.

The refill plug is not detachable.

There are two coil choices available.

Excellent taste with the Meshed 0.8-ohm coil.

Well-executed loose MTL

The airflow in the pass-through charging MTL pod is excessive.

The MTL pod’s taste is adequate.

The decal feels nice, but it’s a cheap addition.

Verdict: I’m pleased and somewhat happy with the Xtra. The battery life is enough for the power it delivers, the design is sleek, and the mesh pod satisfies. Even though I was more interested in the MTL coils, the Meshed coil ended up being the star of the package for me. Nevertheless, I have no reservations about suggesting this gadget to anybody who likes a loose MTL. Even if you don’t typically utilize pod devices, this may serve as a good backup.

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