SAC Nag Champa Incense was the original secret recipe created by the founding family and has endured as the world’s most special flora incense.

SAC incense sticks are adored around the globe for their unique scents, unmatched variety for all moods, and superior manufacture. An array of exotic scents for those in search of something special to delight their senses. It offers a variety of soul-healing scents. Each has a soothing effect and helps you reclaim your health.

Mode d’alimentation
It is suggested for sanctifying or purifying a place and serves as an excellent help for meditation or deep relaxation.

Composition \ Bamboo


Nag Champa is a delicious and long-lasting infusion produced from the vibrant and seductive blooms of the Champaca and hand-rolled into bamboo sticks or fashioned into cones. Nag Champa is a fragrant, rejuvenating mix of resins, gums, spices, flowers, and oils created by Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba. It is ideal for daily usage.

The distinctive fragrance of Nag Champa is produced mainly from the Champaca flower (Magnolia Champaca tree), Halmaddi (Ailanthus Malabarica tree), Sandalwood, and other natural resins and plants. The Champaca, which is revered as a sacred plant, is distributed across India, Vietnam, portions of China, and other tropical regions of Asia. This lovely and shaded evergreen tree is adored in India and is often planted on the grounds of Hindu temples and ashrams. It is considered holy to Vishnu in Hinduism and is usually burnt during meditation rituals.

Nag Champa gained popularity in contemporary Western Culture throughout the 1960s and 1970s when it was burnt during Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and other concerts. The powerful scent became an integral element of the performance experience for millions of music lovers and is still adored by many today.

You can tell whether the incense is of high quality by its grey colour and strong earthy smell, noticeable even before it is burnt. This is our top favourite incense for daily use. The fragrance is pleasant, evocative of Champa Flower with milder sandalwood overtones. When people smell nag champa, they often remark on its warm, earthy aroma.

To use incense, just put it in a suitable holder and ignite the tip. Once a flame develops, gradually extinguish it, allowing it to burn slowly. Specific individuals are sensitive to certain smells or the smoke produced, even if it is very little. If this occurs, relocate your holder to a higher shelf.


Twelve incense cones are included.
Each candle burns for 30 – 45 minutes
Always burn incense in a heat-resistant container.
Never leave an incense burner unattended.

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