RELX Infinity 2-pack pods:

The NEW Relx Infinity/Essential pre-filled juice pods of 18mg are now available. RELX Essential and RELX Infinity Devices are compatible.


Reconnect with a familiar taste and take in some fresh mountain air. RELX Pod Pro will stimulate your taste buds’ creativity. Experience the dual pleasure of touch and taste with various flavour options and a pleasant ergonomic design.


  • Purple grape with Menthol in a tangy purple
  • Raspy Ruby is raspberry ice cream.
  • Dark Sparkle – savour the traditional cola-flavoured e juice capsules.
  • Menthol – fresh and clean Menthol is a type of herb.
  • The colour of icy watermelon is bright red.
  • Tobacco – Tobacco – Tobacco – Tobacco – Tobacco –
  • Green Bean Ice – Ludou Ice
  • Pineapple and mint- pineapple and mint
  • Berry Mix – Berries mixed with mint



RELX Rich Tobacco: Unlike traditional e-liquid tobacco tastes, which taste flat or lack authenticity, Rich Tobacco employs concentrated extracts with refined aromatic components to offer an authentic tobacco taste, with rich nutty notes in the mid-to-end tone.

RELX Menthol Plus: Menthol-powered fresh feelings that are cooler and stronger.

Fresh Red: A refreshing flavour at the height of summer. This is a straightforward yet flavorful combination with a nice touch of Menthol.

RELX Dark Sparkle: This flavour is refreshing and fragrant, making it an excellent option for sparkling occasions.

RELX Tangy Purple: Its same intricacy provides a fresh flavour that develops gently, leaving a lasting aroma.

Raspy Ruby: Raspberry with Menthol on top.

RELX Ludou Ice: This taste captures the deep and earthy characteristics of mung beans and is a superb mix for long-lasting cooling. With each puff, complex tones combine to create a harmonious equilibrium.

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