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Smok Starter Kit and Device

The SMOK high-power kits combine substantial mods with sub-ohm tanks. Direct-to-lung vaping is an entrance point for novices using this vaping setup. As such, Smok also manufactures pod-based vaporizers with everything you need to improve your vaping experience, including additional pods and chargers.

SMOK will always choose to lead the next significant trend instead of catching up to existing ones. For example, SMOK’s box mods have created significant changes in how people vape, while their massive coil library has expanded what is possible in a pre-built coil head. In addition, Smok’s long history as a vape company has given it a unique understanding of the vaping landscape, allowing it to constantly offer new products that meet the needs of various vapers.

Smoke your vaporizer.

SMOK has made several significant contributions to the vape industry throughout the years. Innovations include:

Dual Coil Atomizers:

SMOK was the first to make dual coil atomizers accessible to the general public. Previously, to use a twin coil configuration power, vapers would need to be experienced with coil construction. Dual coil atomizers are now available to the general public, and vapers will notice the improved flavour, more vapour, and overall atomizer performance.

SMOK may not have been the first manufacturer to use variable wattage control, but they helped make it available to a wide variety of vapers. When SMOK released their new variable voltage high power mods, they opened the market to vapers who sought more increased levels of control without spending a fortune.

In the early days of vaping, sub-ohm vaping was a costly affair reserved for mechanical mods and rebuildable devices. When SMOK launched their line of sub-ohm tanks, this created a higher barrier of entry into the realm of sub-ohm vaping until that point. In 2013, SMOK debuted its TFV4 Sub-Ohm Tank, which included coils designed to provide thick, expansive vapour production. SMOK’s flagship TFV sub-ohm tank is greatly favoured by novice vapers who wish to mimic the fog machines utilized by more experienced vapers.

SMOK was founded in 2010 as a brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd. Since the beginning, SMOK has prioritized the e-cigarette business. These emphases contribute to Smok’s ability to retain customers.

SMOK offers a wide variety of e-cigarette goods, including vape mods, pod-systems, sub-ohm tanks, and much more. In the e-cigarette business, SMOK’s social media platform, Vaping Tour, is unique. This site offers a sophisticated vaporizer management system and a social media component where users may interact with other vapers across the globe.

Everything at SMOK is built on an effective customer service system to improve collaboration. Customers are valued customers and friends of SMOK, which our customer care staff are taught to do.

Vape starter kit

SMOK sells starter kits and upgrades kits for all levels of vapers. For newer vapers, SMOK provides a variety of pod systems and vape pens, including:

The SMOK Stick Series combines a high-power battery and a sub-ohm tank in a compact stick-like design.

SMOK vapes provide greater power and power for experienced vapers or those seeking greater power. Mods from SMOK are typically mighty, along with many additional features, like temperature control and TCR adjustments. Popular SMOK mods include:

Alien Series Vape Mods:

Vape mods with pure power may reach a wattage of up to 220 watts. You have complete control over this power with all three levels at your disposal. The SMOK Alien Series is best matched with the newest TFV tank. The Alien mods need two 18650 batteries, which must be bought individually.

The species is a natural development of the Alien series, including elements that were carried over and advancements. This kit uses the SMOK Baby V2 tank, one of the top SMOK tanks. In addition, it has mesh coils for more taste and vapor production.

While SMOK is renowned for its wide range of products for vaping, it originally started based on its sub-ohm tanks. The TFV4 helped pioneer sub-ohm vaping, and it’s continuously updated to improve its functionality.

Coil designs have changed drastically because of these improvements. They’ve virtually always concentrated on making clouds with their coils, but their coils still emphasize producing flavours. These exceptional atomizers use their tanks and leaves, leading to copious clouds and intense flavors.

By now, SMOK has introduced several pod systems to the market, all to innovate. Some of these vaporizers include:

The Novo:

A lightweight, elegant, and effective pod device designed for vapers. Simple to use and hassle-free, the Novo makes vaping newbies and those on the move happy. Overall, the Novo is a great starting point for a simple system.


Comparing it to the Novo, the Nord has a longer battery life, a giant pod, and more coil choices. The Nord comes with a 0.6-ohm coil for sub-ohm vaping for those just starting out, and a 1.4-ohm coil for MTL inhales. These settings allow the Nord to be more customized while still preserving usability.


Launched in January 2019, the Mico is a small pod device that offers a pleasant vape. Slim and tiny, the Mico may be gripped between only two fingers and a thumb. The pod fits into the gadget with a lot of friction and magnets.