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Dinner Lady Disposable Vape   

  • Up to 400 puffs – the equivalent of 20 cigarettes
  • Charged and ready to vape right out of the box
  • Premium metallic finish on a slim and unobtrusive aluminum design

A food-grade mouthpiece that is both comfortable and ergonomic • No hassles, no leaks, no refilling.

Dinner Lady’s disposable Vape Pen is the only one of its type, pre-filled with Dinner Lady premium e-liquid, and was created with the goal of making the best throwaway vaping gadget.

The disposable e-cig is equivalent to 20 cigarettes and has a 1.5ml e-liquid capacity and a 350mAh Grade A Li-Ion battery, making it the easiest disposable Vape Pen to use when quitting smoking.

Taste & Flavors

The most significant feature of a disposable Vape Pen is giving high-quality taste and flavor in a compact package. Because of their size and intended usage, many disposable e-cigarettes have smaller batteries; however, this is not the case with our Vape Pen.

We packed a 350mAh battery into the tiny device, which provides enough power for our disposable’s 400 puffs.

The use of premium organic cotton and a high-quality coil enhances the full flavor.

The Sweets Vape Pen Collection is inspired by traditional British desserts and includes Dinner Lady’s award-winning Lemon Tart and the popular Strawberry Macaroon.

The Fruits collection features the traditional Pink Berry flavor as well as a brand-new Fruit Mix blend that combines red berries, grapes, currants, and citrus fruits for the ultimate fruit vape.

The Vape Pen is available in six Ice flavors, including Citrus Ice, Mango Ice, Strawberry Ice, Banana Ice, Bubblegum Ice, and a twist on the classic sweet formulation – Lemon Sherbet Ice, in response to the popularity of the Ice flavor range.

All Ice flavors include Kool ade for a chilly and ice exhale, making for a pleasant vaping experience.

The Menthol Vape Pens come in two original flavors: Blue Menthol and Fresh Menthol, and are ideal for former menthol cigarette smokers.

Menthol choices combine fruity and sweet flavors with menthol to create fresh, light, and refreshing alternatives to classic menthol cigarette products.

Dinner Lady’s Smooth Tobacco Vape Pen, part of the Tobacco line, offers a sweet and woody spin on classic Tobacco.

Smooth Tobacco is excellent for current smokers who want to shift from smoking to vaping while keeping their favorite flavors.

We employ a 20mg nicotine level for the devices to make them as close to a cigarette as possible; the nicotine salts utilized enter the bloodstream similarly to Tobacco, so cravings are fulfilled more rapidly.