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Dab Rigs

What are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are devices used for dabbing concentrates.

A dab rig is a pipe and nail setup used for dabbing instead of a conventional bowl found in a bong. Dabbers, being brand new, may find the process and expense of drilling rigs and pipes overwhelming. Concentrates and dab rigs offer powerful, streamlined effects and robust terpene tastes.

The technique of dabbing, once learned, is fast and straightforward. To extract concentration, you need to heat the nail, apply the attention, and inhale the resultant vapor.

Modern dab pipes contain a glass component, a nail, a dabber, a burner, and a carb cap. Carb caps have gained popularity because they enable users to work at lower temperatures and prevent vapour loss through the nail. When purchasing a drilling rig, many factors should be considered before the purchase.

Small dab rigs?

“Bongs” and “dab rigs” are all officially called “rigs,” or pipe chambers that contain marijuana for smoking. A dab rig looks quite similar to a bong. Furthermore, dab rigs come in a variety of different sizes.

Both bongs and dab rigs come in many forms and sizes, but the measurements can generally help distinguish between the types of products.

Dab rigs are designed to work with concentrations. When it comes to bowl replacements, dab rigs are more minor than bongs. A smaller chamber reduces drag, so the vapour gets to the lungs faster. Most excellent glass artists and manufacturing glass firms create small setups for people who like terpene-rich cannabis extracts.

Differences between a bong and dab rigs

Dab rigs used to have a 90-degree male joint that was connected to the female end. To hold accessories in place, male joints have a smaller aperture, whereas female joints have a larger aperture. Because male joints have become obsolete, popular nails have become challenging to obtain.

Dab rigs often use 10mm or 14mm female joints. Measure the aperture of a female joint to find out its size.

Dab rig history

In the past, “knife hits” were the most common technique of vaporizing concentrates. A pair of hot knives and a stove were used to smoke hash in the 1960s and 1990s. Vapour was breathed through a tube or a soda bottle, whose base was removed. An early version of the dab pipe was produced by utilizing a “swing skillet” (a kind of bong downstem on top of a titanium plate) with a flame heating process.

Dab rigs guide for Beginners

HMK and GGirl’s brother-and-sister glassblowing pair created the first “dab rigs” or “dab pipes” in 2006. GGirl and HMK designed a titanium swing that has a titanium skillet below the glass arm. The hot skillet’s dab would evaporate and be breathed through the glass arm. Toke City is an essential internet forum from back in the day.

The Glass Dome and Nails:

Glass domes and nails were the first commercially available glass attachments that could convert any bong into a dab setup. WBM was one of the first glass artists to publish a glass nail for dabbing located within the stem of a bong.JP Toro spearheaded the dome and nail development, creating a dabbing device that’s economically feasible. The nail was heated using a torch, and then the dome was placed on top, and a paperclip was used to apply honey oil to the nail.

Emerging as Functional Art

Since more states have legalized recreational and medicinal cannabis, the enthusiasm for hand-blown, unique items has grown. As dabbing grows in popularity, one-of-a-kind dab rig components are proliferating.

“Headies” and “heady glass” have been used to describe high-end creations for concentrating on things. Sculptural works are created by using sophisticated glassblowing methods and a wide range of forms. Social media has helped disseminate artistic glassworks, which artists share with the industry at large.

The dabbing holiday has been created within the cannabis industry. July 10, or 710 (“Oil” has been flipped upside down with LCD-style numerals, maybe in league with 4/20). Most dispensaries sell 7/10 concentration sales and 10/10 dab sales. Before becoming a fringe industry, dabbing and dab rigs used to be just another element of the current cannabis culture.

Droppers and Accoutrements

Dab rigs may be combined with various accessories to match your particular tastes. These are the basics:

A Cotton Swab

Carbohydrate supplement

Quartz, titanium, glass, or ceramic nails

A butane blowtorch (propane torches have the potential to damage nails because the flame burns at much hotter temperatures than butane)

Electric tacks

A dabber

a timepiece


Cosmetic smears

Is dabbing expensive?

Dab rigs are often more costly than a standard bong. Most dab rigs need a lot of extra components and equipment.

Above that, dab rigs are very similar to bongs in that you can get creative pieces at any price level. Plan on spending more on your dab rig kit than you would on a normal bong, particularly if you’re purchasing a high-quality or handcrafted item. While searching for high-end dab rigs for sale, customers use the #glassforsale hashtag on Instagram.

How should one dab?

Choosing the finest dabbing nail or banger is mainly about matching your equipment and tastes. This will help you decide which kind of nail is suitable for your needs:

Titanium nails: These heat fast and hold heat effectively. They are very durable. The more you use a dab nail, the more you’ll notice the accumulation of titanium oxide, which may impede performance. Purchase a medical-grade nail if you want to use a titanium nail.

When they are at the appropriate temperature, ceramic nails retain heat the best. Additionally, ceramic nails are often immaculate and will not leak hazardous chemicals into your skin. Ceramic nails, as a result, are more prone to breaking.

Also known as quartz bangers, quartz nails heat up swiftly but lose heat quickly. Quartz nails are renowned for being extremely clean and not leaking toxins.

As a rule, glass nails heat up fast and retain heat effectively. Borosilicate glass nails are, historically, the cheapest to purchase. Glass nails are very fragile and may occasionally shatter at extremely high temperatures.

An Introduction to Dabbing

Getting used to operating an oil rig may take some time and practice. However, once you understand the basic procedures, it is an effective method to ingest and use cannabis concentrates. If you’re going to have your first dab, follow these steps:


If you’re new to concentrating, you may wonder: Do you have to add water to a dab rig? Yes, the answer is correct. Make sure to fill the base of your setup with water so that the downsteam is submerged. This water will chill and filter the vapour coming off your swabs.

Heat the nail using the torch. For the first time, heat the quartz nail until it glows red. Start with the hottest possible surface to make sure all particles are burnt off the nail.

Wait for the nail to cool. It’s counterintuitive, but you also don’t want to burn your boat. The length of time required depends on the thickness and substance of your nail. Your ideal temperature should be about 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, or 149 to 232 degrees Celsius, for maximum taste. Your fingernails will typically take anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds to heat up.


Slowly breathe in the vapour while dabbing the surface of the nail. Dabs take a lot longer to inhale because the majority of the concentrate does not evaporate right away. To maximize your enjoyment, take a deep breath.

To increase vaporization, a carb cap should be placed on the nail. The carb cap is designed to trap all of the heat in the nail chamber, maximizing the yield of your concentrate.


Immediately, exhale the dab vapour. Remember, you don’t have to retain any vapours before inhaling. Your lungs take up all of the active terpenes and cannabinoids efficiently.

Keep your bong clean.

A few basic cleaning procedures will guarantee you receive the most delicious dabbing experience time and time again.

This nail would have leftover oil globs if the temperature were correct. To eliminate any remaining oil, clean the inside of the nail with a cotton swab. Keep your fingernails clean, give them a more delicious dab, and save the lives of your fingernails.

To remove stubborn leftover oil, wipe your dab rig with rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is a strong solvent that dissolves the difficult-to-remove oil that can accumulate in your nails, hair, or chamber walls. If cleaning with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab doesn’t work, you may immerse the glass in alcohol to help break up the oil particles. Rig rinsing and drying are required before use. Alcohol is flammable.

Liquid extractors, liquid extractors, liquid extractors, liquid extractors, liquid extractors,

E-rigs are like vape pens used to evaporate distillate, except they are capable of vaporizing all concentration types. The original incarnations were stationary and required a plug, while modern models typically use batteries. These gadgets are similar to a dab rig but more inconspicuous and portable. Concentrated users have discovered an alternative to the dab rig and torch by utilizing rig efficiency, durability, and prudence.

The most significant advantage of the e-rig is its temperature control capabilities. With an e-rig, you can control the temperature precisely and rest comfortably, knowing the nail will stay within a limited range of your chosen temperature.

Dab Rig Transform Your Bong

It’s not perfect, but it is feasible to convert a standard bong into a working dab setup.

The most important aspect of this procedure is finding a nail that will fit into the stem of your bong. First, be sure that your bong has a detachable bowl. If you don’t, it won’t be possible to dab the rig properly. Measure the downstem’s female joint, and locate a nail with a male joint that will fit the downstem.

Bongs and water pipes have a downstem placed at a 45-degree angle, whereas dab rigs have a more typical 90-degree inclination. Your nail will be at an angle, so make sure that the concentration on your nail doesn’t flow out when you’re taking a dab.

To complete the bong, your nail is inserted into the downstem. To simplify, heat the nail, drop a dab, cap it, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Small bongs are ideal for utilizing as a dab rig, as they will allow you to draw in vapour quickly and keep concentrated flavours undamaged.