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Best Bongs in Canada and their Parts

The anatomy of a bong is more complicated than it may seem. While bongs come in many different designs, most will have similar characteristics. Bongs are distinguished as a smoking implement because they include a chamber for filtering and cooling smoke. Most bongs are constructed of bamboo, acrylic, or glass.

Different Parts:

Bongs have several components, as opposed to bowls, which are all-in-one. Many more glass shards now exist. The anatomical diagram of a bong will explain all the details and how they serve distinct purposes.

  1. Bowl portion

After you’ve broken down your marijuana, you put it in the bowl. In most cases, it is a “push” or glass indent with a hole at the bottom.

Some are just for looking at, while others serve a purpose.

Bowls designed with built-in glass screens eliminate the need for smokers to have to change smoking screens frequently.

Different screen types exist, with various-sized perforations to suit your taste. Go with a smaller hole screen, such as the honeycomb type.

  1. Ashcatcher

A name like an ash collector describes the job well. A glass attachment to collect ash is what you guessed.

They collect the ash as it sinks through the hole. It keeps ash from getting into your bong and your mouth.

Despite their name, ash catchers are helpful for other purposes. Some ash catchers come with built-in percolators to filter and chill the smoke.

In addition, your bong will only be able to collect ash and muck through frequent usage.

If you clean the entire bong, you’ll only need to clean it as often as necessary to keep the taste and functionality on point.

  1. Joint

A bong is the joint of a bong that holds the stem. In addition, all the long stems terminate in a joint.

Fixed-stem bongs do not have a detachable downstem. In some instances, the bowl drops into the bong’s joint.

Generally, joints have diameters of 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. When smoking marijuana, you need to make sure your joints are female, not male.

Female joints enable a male jointed bowl piece, stem, or ash collector to be inserted instead of looping around the joint.

Male joints were in favour of dabs that utilized domes and nails.

  1. Downsizing

The downstem is an essential component of the anatomy of a bong. The downstem connects the bowl to the water in the main chamber of your bong.

A 10, 14, or 18mm diameter hole should be placed near the joint. Downstems exist in numerous designs with varied uses.

A simple downstem is a glass straw with a hole that results in bubbling. More intricately constructed chimneys include built-in percolators to cool down the smoke further.

To attach the downstem to your bong, we suggest using a plastic clip. It will be simple to clear a dish.

We’ve seen several stems emerge from the bowl when the muck sets in. Once the stem has fallen and broken, the piece will be lost.

Slides are a lower-end bong that has both the bowl and stem in one piece.

  1. Percolator

After the smoke has travelled through the water, the percolator is used to filter it again.

You have so many options; it’s challenging to determine which one is the best until you know your specific requirements.

Clean regularly to avoid frequent minor pits and nicks. The holes will eventually clog, adversely affecting the bong’s effectiveness.

  1. Splash guard/ice pinch

Splash guards are typically seen in bongs with high percolation. Its primary function is to stop water from flowing upwards via the mouthpiece. The splash guards come in a variety of shapes.

Before there were splash guards, you’d only find ice in the mouthpiece of a bong.

Three glass spikes provide ice support. This blows air through the mouthpiece first. Today, there are dome-shaped splash protectors positioned directly below the mouthpiece.

Water may sometimes go up the neck of a bong if the neck is curved.

  1. Mouthpiece

The smoke has entered your lungs once it has reached your mouthpiece.

Mouthpieces are traditionally horizontal, above the bong.

With angled mouthpieces, you can receive a hit without having to bend over the bong.

With that, you will know what you are seeing while shopping for bongs at a smoking store. Knowing how each component is used can assist when comparing two items of comparable value. To ease the harshness of the hits, you may buy an ash collector with a built-in percolator. When your marijuana completely burns out, it’s necessary to install an ash collector and a bowl with a smaller hole.

A glass bong is a perfect tool for any regular marijuana user, whether they smoke flowers or moonrocks. But if you are clumsy, you should follow our recommendations for bong safety.